Luna Dance Fusion is a tribe of talented and tireless dancers who always strive to push themselves further along their creative path of fusion bellydance improvisation and choreography. Fuelled by passion and a wellspring of love for dance, their performances are intoxicating, titillating the senses with an infectious sass, originality and stellar musicality. Together they create a spicy mix of modern tribal bellydance with a dollop of world dance, hip hop flava, a sparkle of Fosse, and Vaudevillian moonshine to create charismatic and enticing experiences. Luna is dynamic and diverse, just as the many moods of the moon, and always honoured to share the joy that is the dance, through performances and Saskia’s classes. Since forming in 2008, Luna has emerged as an innovative dance company always striving to push their creative vision further.

Known for groundbreaking superb signature choreographies and improvisational chops, including prop work such as double sword and feather fans and charismatic stage presence, Luna always bring the entertainment.

From us to you – Thank you for your unwavering and often raucous (and we love you for it!) support over the years!!


Modern Fusion Craft + Work

Start your week off with a perfect blend of stretch, strengthen, and dance craft. Beginning with a tailored yoga infused warm up, followed by activating and inspiring drills, exploring themes and trends in Fusion Belly Dance, as well addressing the roots of many key movements in the quickly evolving Belly Dance community. These action-packed 75 …

Luna Improvisational Tribal Style – Intro/Intermediate

With the rising popularity of UNMATA’s ITS, this addictive and uniquely collaborative style of fusion belly dance has seen an explosion of avid fans on an international level. This uniquely modern dance form is based in group-synchronized improvisation, utilizing a shared movement vocabulary. Cues, moves, transitions, and leadership theory will all be explored and drilled …