Luna I.T.S. (Intermediate+)

Luna Improvisational Team Sync, also known as a uniquely collaborative style of fusion belly dance has seen an explosion of avid fans on an international level.  Since 2006, Saskia has been developing her own take on I.T.S. The uniquely modern dance form is based in group-synchronized improvisation, utilizing a shared movement vocabulary. Cues, moves, transitions, and leadership theory will all be explored and drilled extensively, alongside universal “stall” moves and Luna movement combinations. Watch your spatial awareness, confidence and connectivity with the dancers around you increase exponentially through this improvisational form of dance. 

Proficiency in vertical hip figure 8’s, undulations, amis/interior hip circles, chest circles, and 3/4 shimmies are required prerequisites for this class. If in doubt, just ask! Warning, this dance form is not only great exercise but also highly addictive. Suitable for 18+

Thursdays @ 6:15pm starting April 4, Westmount area studio

11 weeks/$233, all classes 75 minutes,

Modern Fusion (Intermediate +) 

Modern Fusion combines classical Middle Eastern dance movements with modern stylizations, both from within and outside of what is considered contemporary bellydance.

We’re celebrating spring this term with a dramatic high-energy choreography.

What to expect; conditioning, technique breakdown, and drilling of moments both in isolation and in sequence. This class is intended for the intermediate and advance dancer, as a guide a dancer with a minimum of 3 full terms of bellydance instructional experience is required (any instructor). If you’re not sure, just ask! This class is open to anyone 16+, of any gender, just bring a water bottle and an open mind! Please note that the 2nd story studio is not well equipped for those with mobility issues. There is an optional performance opportunity March 24 for those that are interested.

Saskia is an internationally recognized instructor, choreographer, and troupe leader with two decades of experience

Tuesdays @6:30pm at Integrations Pilates Space 10565 114 St starting April 2

11 weeks/$233, all classes 75 minutes,