Deb Rubin Workshop

Deb Rubin Workshop in Edmonton
October 20 & 21, 2018

For the first time ever, Los Angeles based Deb Rubin will be bringing her lifetime’s wealth of knowledge, training, and incredible dance technique to Western Canada!

By weaving together Technique, Artistry, and Therapeutics, Deb will help you level up your dance and become the artist you want to be.

Saturday 10-12pm, 1-3pm 
The Ultimate Slink Factor:

This mini-intensive is a deep dive into all things slow, slinky, and serpentine, and highlights Deb’s Trifecta approach of: Technique, Artistry, AND Therapeutics for a well-rounded dancer.  We begin with a warm up pulled from some of the Deb’s signature Dance Therapeutics for Upper Body and Serpentine Shoulder Unwinding practices, to increase space and articulation through the thoracic spine, ribs, and side body, for maximum expression in the traditionally ‘stuck’ places, and to directly support controlled, snake-like dancing; create ‘floating upper body’ dance posture for stage, and deepen movement quality.  Once our body in unlocked and feeling great, all this will be applied to slow and sultry belly dance technique, shapes, posturing, and juicy fusion combos.  Class focus is on refining your torso and upper body technique, learning to activate the fluid core for deeper artistic and technical expression, and gorgeous, new, slow combos will be introduced to drill the concepts. Moving beyond the basics, however, this mini intensive will also focus strongly on how to create deeper, core-integrated, jaw-dropping movement quality, suspension, and hypnotizing subtleties and transitions to bring your slow &slinky dancing to the next level of intoxication, presence, and decadence.  She has been coined “The Queen of Slink”. Come learn Deb’s unique tribal stylization and critically acclaimed teaching perspective of some of her favorite material.  *This mini intensive is 1 part technique clinic, 1 part artistry and expression development, and 1 part “As if you just got a great massage.” Please bring a yoga mat for this class. For more on Dance Therapeutics:

Sunday 10-11am 
Dance Therapeutics Lower Body: Taster Class

(to be used as our warm up for the day)
Drawing from Yoga, Traditional Thai-Yoga Massage, Feldenkrais, Somatics, and Deb’s personal “stash” of dance therapeutics, this workshop will deeply and safely help you release and align the low back, hips, glutes, and legs, wake up the fluid spine, and prepare you for a day of dancing.  Learn about Fascia, what it is and its key role in movement, and learn some of Deb’s signature methods to unwind your fascia, unlock tension in your body, and be able to get access to more of yourself for your dancing. A therapeutic, yoga-based daily series will be given for low back/hips.  Please bring Yoga mat and strap or scarf.  For more on Dance Therapeutics:

Sunday 11:30am-1:30pm
Drills & Skills, Locks & Layers. Belly Dance Boot Camp 2.0!

From the mat to the dance! In this workshop, you will learn how to build your Tribal Fusion Belly Dance technique from the inside out, for strong, clean, refined torso articulation and muscle control.   This fun workshop will focus on drills and skills to build sharp, smooth isolations, gorgeous hipwork, and knock-out layering and torso work.  Refine your tribal technique in this breakdown clinic, challenge your body and your brain with brand new mind-melding layering patterns, focusing on layering various slinky, serpentine upper body patterns over rhythmic hips, fancy footwork, and flow.  Class includes drills and combos, with emphasis on musicality, the tension of opposites, and enjoying the dance!

Sunday 2:30-4:30pm
So You Think You Can Dance?
Contemporary Fusion Elements, Beyond the Box.

In this workshop, we will be exploring contemporary dance elements such as line, shape, across the floor, and tension & release. Fusing these elements with our Belly Dance torso technique, we will grow the artistic body outside the belly dance box, and create a playground to explore a process of finding your own voice. Students will push their creative edges to begin to think and dance ‘outside the box’ of traditional belly dance, while developing skills, elegant lines, core-centred balance technique, and new movement pathways to free the creative brain and become a more well-rounded dancer.
This workshop focuses on how we use the floor and travel through space–moving across the floor, extension of lines, and fluid transitions and turns while keeping our center and floating upper body for stage.  We begin with a short core yoga for bellydance practice, and a high-energy drills section to clean up our shimmie, hip work, and leg extension, and  build stamina. Then, we will move across the floor, layering torso isolations and belly dance hip work over our fancy footwork, long lines, and traveling steps. We will also play with creating interesting body angles, levels, and shapes to frame your torso isolations in flattering ways for your own physique, in order to inspire your own artistic voice.

Full weekend $275/9 hours total

A la carte:
Saturday: The Ultimate Slink Factor $140/4 hrs
Sunday all day $165/5 hrs
Sunday: Dance Therapeutics Lower Body: Taster Class $35/1 hr
Sunday: Drills & Skills, Locks & Layers. Belly Dance Boot Camp 2.0! $70/2 hrs
Sunday: So You Think You Can Dance? Contemporary Fusion Elements, Beyond the Box. $70/2 hrs

All workshops will take place at:
Mile Zero Dance, 10618 95 St (Spazio Performativo), Edmonton (in the heart of Edmonton’s Italian neighbourhood, and just South of the Italian Centre). Street Parking.

Payment information:
please send e-transfer payment to International dancers, please send inquiry to the above email address.

If you choosing a  la carte workshops please email the names of your selections.

*All sales are final, all payments are non-refundable.
* In the case of a cancelled event, full refunds will be given on workshop fees, minus any transaction fees

About Deb

Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT, is an internationally-acclaimed teacher and performer of tribal fusion belly dance; a yoga teacher; holistic health counselor; and transformational coach. Coined “The Queen of Slink” for her captivating performance style, and named “The best kept secret in Tribal” from Fuse Magazine, she is honoured to have shared the stage as a guest artist with the musical inspirations of: Balkan Beat Box, EOTO, David Starfire, Brass Menazeri, Zilla, Vibesquad, Lynx&Janoever, Clozee, Beats Antique, Emancipator, as well as her solo works and collaborations. Founder of SattyaBody Health, SF Mecca Immersion retreat into the heart & soul of San Francisco Tribal, Project Merkaba Dance Co., and her signature Dance Therapeutics multi-leveled certification training for dancers, yogis, and movement practitioners, Deb teaches retreats & workshops around the globe, fusing yoga, world-class tribal fusion belly dance technique, performance artistry, and therapeutics.

Deb’s foundation of Tribal was rooted through study with her first teacher, Jill Parker, and 4+years in UltraGypsy Belly Dance Theater under the direction of Jill Parker. Her technique and stylization is most influenced by inspiration from her long-time teacher, Rachel Brice, whom she had the honor to assist at Tribal Massive, 2008, and has much gratitude for her guidance on this path, both in and out of the studio. A product of the SF dance community, during the boom and global expansion of tribal fusion, Deb is honored to have studied intensively, over a 10 year time span, with many of the masters and innovators of this genre. She draws from all of her long term intensive studies with: Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Kami Liddle, Carolena Nerricio & Fat Chance Belly Dance, Amy Sigil, and Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour, as well as modern, ballet, jazz, West African, and contact improvization.

A health/wellness coach, yoga teacher, and integrative bodyworker for over 15 yrs, Deb specializes in women’s health/empowerment and injury rehab for dancers. She is most influenced by her Yoga studies with IYT, Shiva Rea, Gary Kraftsow, AcroYoga, Darshana Weil, and Rachel Brice, her Thai-Yoga Massage studies in the hilltribes of Northern Thailand under the lineage of Asokananda, and her vision quest experiences in the Northern California desert. With a B.A in psychology and pre-med from Princeton University,and an MA in holistic health education from JFK University, with a focus in somatic psychology, her workshops showcase her integrative approach of yoga and somatics as the core basis from which to build your dancing. She is published in Yoga Journal Magazine, and FUSE magazine.


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