Saskia is a visual arts consultant by day, who also happens to be a fusion belly dance performer by night. She is known for her fierce-some double sword performances, out of the box Modern Fusion choreography as well as her mesmerizing Luna Improvisational Tribal Style dance format. Saskia is the artistic director of Luna Dance Fusion, a beautiful brilliant professional dance troupe, as well as Moon Unit, a semi-professional and stunning group of dancers. She is also the producer of the annual Vaudevillian themed GlitterBall events. She has been teaching some of the most mind and body bending, creative Tribal Fusion dance classes in Edmonton since 2005 and always strives to infuse classes with humour, supportive environment and a saucy edge.



Athena is relatively new to the belly dance community but it does not shake her enthusiasm and love for performing.  She is inspired by many dancers, including Anasma, Cera Byers, Sera Solstice, and Unmata, to name a few.  Athena would like to thank her many teachers in the Edmonton area, both at Bedouin Beats and in the community, for helping her stay motivated to pursue her passions and progress further and faster in the art than she ever dreamed possible. 

Dahlia Dahlia

Dahlia first fell in love with the glamorous world of belly dance in 2009. She was drawn to the exquisite art form that is Tribal Fusion dance and its unique combination of soft and sharp moves. In 2010 she started studying Tribal Fusion with the most talented local teachers and dancing and performing became her passion and inspiration. Dahlia has had the opportunity to study with some of the world known Tribal Fusion dancers, and just recently she became Level 1 certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format. In addition to Luna, Dahlia is proud to be a former member of eclipse fusion and Vibe Tribe, as well as a founding member of Les Trois Femmes. Currently Dahlia is teaching assistant for Shahenda at School of Raq, and is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow as a dancer, teacher and performer.


Alissa has an extensive background in gymnastics, pilates and yoga. She discovered bellydancing in 2006 and has not looked back. She has studied American Tribal Style, Raq Sharki and Suhaila Salimpour format classes. Alissa discovered ITS with Luna in 2009 and has been dancing under Saskia’s instruction ever since. In 2011, Alissa became a member of Luna’s daughter troupe; Moon Unit, and now of Luna as well. She is excited and looking forward to all the opportunities that bellydance has to offer.